What automatic gearbox is better?

automatic gearboxEach of the automatic transmission has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. However, with time and technology development problem with the “automatics” is becoming less pronounced. Any mechanism can’t be ideal, but closer to the cherished goal, engineers are always sought and will seek further. Who knows, maybe in the future there will be alternative constructions of automatic gearbox – robust, cost-effective and affordable – and it will be destined to displace the box, that we talked about in this article.

Which of the currently existing automatic transmission is still better? Alas, the simple answer to this question is impossible, but if you follow the trends in the automotive industry, it is easy to notice that the most promising producers we consider robotized transmission with two clutches. Variators occupy the second position, and the classic “automatics”, apparently, are not developing very actively.

Climate control.

Many drivers and passengers must have paid attention, that if a car is equipped with air conditioning, turn on air cooling operation, then after some time in the cabin becomes unnaturally cold. The reverse situation can be seen with the stove running – when in a certain time in the car instead of a warm climate becomes hot one. The fact is that conventional air conditioner and heater are not able to measure the temperature in the cabin and stubbornness as the donkey will work with constant pressure until the driver manually slow the fan speed and does not cover up the choke.

Climate control

Climate control is deprived of such shortcomings – the driver is enough to set the desired temperature (comfortable conditions for the man considered to be 22-24 degrees of Celsius), and forget about it, because the “weather” in the car will be maintained automatically. In simple words, the engineers have made friends of air conditioning and stove (heater), learning them to work together, but also installed sensors inside the machine, which help to maintain the much desired consistency.